Refreshing Words

Our words matter to God. I recently watched a sermon based on this scripture, and it reminded me that every single thing I say has an impact, even in passing. The words I speak on Star 99.1 are prepared and thought out, I specifically seek to be a blessing. This sermon had me contemplating if I care this much about the words I say when I’m off-air. I want to be a blessing to my family, and anyone around me, but sometimes this babbling brook feels more like hot water.

Last week, I was exiting an airplane. The direction was to leave one row at a time. When I went to get my suitcase from the overhead bin, the man in the seat behind mine started shoving his way past, saying he wasn’t much of a rule follower. He did not want to wait; neither did his two kids. The flight attendant saw how they shoved me out of the way and apologized. I wanted to say something to this man but the words this flight attendant spoke to me were better. 

This sermon was a great reminder that sometimes we need to be intentional in building people up, giving them praise and encouragement, and we need to pay attention to our words. I am already thinking about how many positive words I owe my friends and family. Life, especially mine, offers many surprises and subsequent reactions. While I am absolutely a work in progress is an understatement, I’m also seeking to spread more peace and kindness wherever I go. Sometimes emotional reactions happen in a flash, and problem-solving follows much later. Let’s just say the blonde-woman face-palm emoji is one of my most used emojis.

Will you join me in encouraging those around us today?

Beth Bacall

PROVERBS 18:4“A person’s words can be life-giving water; words of true wisdom are as refreshing as a bubbling brook.”


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