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Our in-house creative team will work with you to craft
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  • We play far fewer commercials than our competitors! Your business won't get lost in an overload of other ads.


  • Listeners view businesses on STAR as part of a shared mission, creating strong connections!


  • Listeners rely on our recommendations when searching for a product or service.
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Find out how STAR can help you reach our large and loyal audience

When you partner with STAR, your campaigns will reach a staggering 75+ mile radius covering much of New York City and New Jersey. 

STAR listeners spend 30-50% more time listening to STAR than typical radio listeners. Our loyal listeners will hear your message more often!

STAR's income comes from listener support. This audience gives their hard-earned money to support the station. How much more likely are they to support the advertisers on the station?

We reach an established community! Among our listening audience:

    • Over 70% are married and own a home.
    • 70% earn more than $75k a year.
    • 78% have attended college.


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Testimonials & Reviews

What our clients have to say about their experience with STAR:

Testimonial Icon 99_medshare

"MediShare has been an enthusiastic partner with STAR 99.1 since 2018. Courtney gives us great SERVICE and VALUE for our media investment and we have been very pleased with the results. Bottom line, we highly recommend STAR 99.1"

Bruce Thompson

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"We have been marketing on the radio all across the country for over 20 years. If you are looking for a loyal listener base who share your values and will become YOUR customers look no further than STAR 99.1. Not only has the station turned some of our best ROI numbers compared to over 50 similar stations, their staff treats you like family and always has YOUR best interest in mind."

Mike Rakeman
Fellowship Home Loans

Testimonial Icon 99_Grillie

"I love working with STAR and their marketing team. The STAR marketing and advertising teams are terrific in helping craft a sensible economic plan to help create a successful business marketing campaign. STAR is a true loyal partner."

the MyGrillie Guy