Devin Almonte

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Monday-Friday 7 PM-11 PM
Sunday 8 AM-12 PM

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Baltimore (or Baldamore, as we affectionately call it). I was blessed with wonderful parents who instilled in me an incredible work ethic and model for living. My dad passed away in 2018 but would have been thrilled to know that I now work in radio, as this was always a dream of his!

God has also blessed me with an incredible family of my own. My husband, Carlos, and I met while we were both living in New York City. We’ve now been in New Jersey for fourteen years. We have three wonderful children: my stepson, who just started his first year of college, our daughter, and our son. Adding to our beautiful chaos is our dog Henry, a Bichon Shih Tzu mix, and our Russian rescue dog, an English Shepherd named Annie. (Yes, she is really from Russia!)

When it comes to work, I feel incredibly fortunate to be doing work that I love. God has given me an opportunity to marry three of my core passions into my daily work, all through the lens of faith: broadcasting, wellness, and product. In addition to radio, I enjoy hosting on live television for products in the wellness space for companies like QVC and HSN.

God has made my mission and purpose in this life very clear and that is helping others live a life of wellness. My passion and understanding for living a wellness lifestyle stem from my deep desire to see people live wholly well, having dealt with my own struggles in adolescence. From age thirteen to nineteen, I found myself in the throes of addiction but was fortunate to have recovered from active alcoholism. Through faith, I saw my life dramatically change for the better. But I also know how difficult that journey can be, having lost my brother to the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction. But it is true what they say, God never wastes our brokenness and will use it all for His glory!

I'm excited to be encouraged with you!