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Monday-Friday 5:30-10 AM
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Mornings with Kristen on STAR 99.1 is just what you need to start your day off right! Uplifting music, lots of laughs and positive conversation, and every morning at 7:25 and 9:25, LOCAL FEELS, stories of people doing good in your neighborhood!

You can connect with her by text or phone each weekday morning, at 800-791-0991. Or, join her Facebook group!

About Kristen:

A true Jersey girl at heart! I was born and raised in Old Bridge, Go Knights! Graduated from Rutgers University, Go Scarlet Knights! And I've purposely driven down to the emptiest of empty gas tanks to avoid pumping my own gas!

God blessed me with a great family! My mom taught me to be encouraging and always find the silver lining. My dad taught me to work hard and get the job done right. My sister taught me to chill out and stop being so high strung and my brother taught me that if I have to laugh at my own jokes, they're probably not that funny.

In November of 2018, I married my Army man, Mike! We "dated" when we were 14, which really meant we talked on the phone and went to the movies with my parents. Years and years later, we reconnected while he was deployed in Iraq. When he came back, he met my dog, Wesley. Wesley gave me the nod of approval and the rest is history!

Speaking of Wesley, he's an Australian Shepherd and God handpicked him for me. He loves long hikes, chasing the hose and stealing apples out of my bag. We knew something was missing and that's when we found Bentley! He's a cocker spaniel mix that came from a high kill shelter in Georgia! We just love him to pieces!

Let's connect! I'm excited to hear what God is doing in your life too!