When Christmas Isn’t A Happy Time

I was not surprised by the results of a study that revealed half of all adults feel lonely. As we know, loneliness can really take a toll. The holidays tend to magnify this loneliness. It can lead to feelings of depression and create an atmosphere of extreme anxiety.

Loneliness affects people of all races and income levels, and it doesn’t discriminate between men, women and children. Parents might feel lonely because they’re separated from family members who have moved away. Health issues also play a huge role, as those with physical illnesses are more likely to feel the weight of loneliness.

Christmas can be a tough time for lonely people as they reminisce about special days from the past, missing relationships and happier times, feeling left out. If you know someone struggling with loneliness, I would like to encourage you to make an effort to connect with them during this season. Send them a text or give them call, pay them a visit, pray with them, invite them to church, or bring them a meal.

How about you? If you’re facing loneliness, remember that God is with you right now. Immerse your mind and heart in His Word. Spend time in prayer with Him.

Chad Mitchell
Afternoon Show Host, STAR 99.1


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Chad Mitchell

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