Tired Of Carrying Around Low-Grade Guilt?

Here’s a theory I have- maybe it’s true for you, or maybe it’s not. I feel like a lot of people are carrying around low-grade guilt all the time- especially if you’re a church person. I’ve grown up a church person and I think what’s going on is I’m always suspecting deep down that God is disappointed with me.

And the reason is that I’m not doing enough.

But there’s always something more you can be doing.

“What about your neighbors? Have you evangelized all your neighbors? Have you given all your money to the poor? Are you spending six hours in Bible study every morning? What about all the prayer you’re not doing”

I mean come on.

I can make this long list. That’s not what God is trying to tell us. It never has been. That’s us. We’re the ones who do that.

In fact, it’s so interesting in the Bible the word accuser is used- and it’s not used for Jesus. It’s used for our enemy. There’s a spiritual enemy and he’s the one that’s making us feel this way, taking away from the fact of what Jesus has done. He’s our advocate. He loves you. He’s not impressed by you. If you pray six hours, He doesn’t go “ok, now I love you”. He already loves you.

There’s a song and I love how it goes, “Oh how I love Jesus” and it finishes with this line “because He first loved me”.  He loved me first.

Seeing Yourself the Way God Sees You

At times you can feel ashamed of yourself, especially if you’re from a religious background. You may be like, “Man, God has to be so disgusted with me. I’m sick. I’m dirty. I’m terrible.”

I understand. I’ve felt that way a million times. A lot of us have or are addicted to things and we get so down on ourselves. A friend told me something that I’ll never forget. He said:

“I realized that when I feel guilty about something, I need to see myself the way God sees me, in that moment. Yes, He doesn’t like what I just did, but He looks at me and He still loves me.”

A lot of times we dwell on the thing we’ve done and we’re so down on ourselves. We’re so ashamed and can’t believe the way we are. But, we’re not seeing ourselves through truth. God sees this larger picture of you, and it’s a good one. He does love you, He’s rooting for you and pulling for you. Don’t forget that when you’re going through a guilt trip. Remind yourself, “Yes I need to change in this area. God’s working on me.” 

Brant Hansen
Morning Show Host, STAR 99.1


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Brant Hansen

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