What If We Were More Like Dogs

What If We Were More Like Dogs?
Sometimes you’ve just got to be a dog. Every day I come home from work, grab the leashes and take my good boys (Wesley and Bentley) for a walk. And if you’ve ever walked a dog, you know everything is exciting!
These guys want to smell all the roses… and every blade of grass… and every pebble on the sidewalk. They notice every single squirrel in a 3-mile radius (that’s how it feels anyway). They smell every person making a sandwich in every apartment building. They feel every gust of wind that comes their way (and Bentley tries to catch it). And oh boy, would they love to taste the candy wrappers that blow our way!

They experience everything with excitement and joy. They don’t worry about anything. They just love their lives while waiting for my cues. I tell them to “wait” at every crossing, I say “this way” when we need to turn around and “come” when it’s time to follow me. And I reward their obedience.

And that’s how God wants us to live.

Experiencing every simple joy, every single beautiful thing He created for us, ignoring everything else except His voice. He tells us when to wait, He tells us when to take a different route and He tells us to follow Him. And believe me, He gives us even more treats than I give my boys when they listen. It’s not always an easy route; Wesley would definitely rather catch a squirrel, but it’s always for our good. So, live like a dog today. Tune out all the nonsense, count everything as joy and listen for God’s voice in every situation.

Kristen James


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