By the Grace of God

By The Grace Of God
I was finishing up an online bootcamp exercise, and preparing for an important Zoom meeting that would be starting in 30 minutes. And then it happened: my iPad screen froze and would not reconnect to WiFi.

In fact, none of my computers would connect; my internet was out! I knew any minute a “Mommmm” would be coming from my kid’s bedroom. Landscapers had been noisily working on my neighbor’s yard for the past two hours. In my frustration, I took a look outside and noticed a landscaper with a shovel looking down at a snapped cable that was protruding from the ground. Swallowing my building annoyance, I went outside to confirm if that was indeed my internet cable, but I was ignored. I then texted my neighbor, praying before I pushed send. I’ll admit that my patience was tapped after a very annoying, noisy morning, but handling this with kindness was my desire, kind of.

I really just wanted my cable to work so I could do the Zoom call that was starting very soon. After a call to my cable company, it was determined that my internet cable was severed. My neighbors apologized, the landscapers tried to temporarily fix it (they couldn’t), and then my kids started a hotspot on my phone so I could participate in my meeting. Later that night my hero, Calvin, pulled up in a cable company van and saved the world, I mean fixed our internet. I want to say we are back on our way to living happily ever after, but what’s so wrong with how we were living that day?

We overcame a lot, by the grace of God

Beth Bacall
“But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it”


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