VIDEO: A Dying Woman’s Wish for Ice Cream

Norma is 90, and she doesn’t have a lot of time left. She’s in hospice care. One of her greatest pleasures in life is ice cream. She’s always loved it. Every night, she tells George, her husband of 67 years, “I want ice cream before bed.”

When George found out Norma’s dying wish was to go to an ice cream shop again, he told their son-in-law, Paul, who went to work to try to make this happen. He called Sweet Melody, a local ice cream shop that had their own truck and explained the situation. They didn’t hesitate a second! They said they’d love to surprise Norma and George.

They sent the truck straight to the couple’s driveway and said, “Order anything you want, on the house!” Norma’s eyes lit up and she asked for chocolate ice cream in a sugar cone and coffee ice cream in a dish. And she enjoyed every single bite.

It just so happened to be George’s 91st birthday, the day that they came, and he said he enjoyed it just as much as his wife, that it made him feel like a kid again.

Chuck is the owner of Sweet Melody and he said that being able to do that for them was what makes his job the best in the world. Any chance he gets to make someone smile, he takes it.


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