VIDEO: Fallen Veteran Returned Home After More Than 50 Years

Let us introduce you to American Airman Colonel Roy Knight Jr. He was a Vietnam veteran that lost his life in combat in 1967. Before he was deployed, he said goodbye to his family at the Dallas Airport, and then he never returned home. Even worse, his remains were lost and never made it back home, either.

Recently they were found, and not only were they returned to the city where he said his final farewell to his loved ones, the pilot that flew Colonel Knight Jr. home was his son.

The gate agent announced to everyone in the area, “Today, the pilot of the plane bringing Colonel Knight home is his son.” 

Then, an incredible thing happened. The entire airport fell silent in a show of respect. People watched at the window, wiping tears from their eyes, holding the American flags that were passed out just prior to the plane landing.

The man who gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country was finally back where he belonged.


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