Let us pray for one another.

Prayer is talking to God. It is the way that God has given us to share the deepest feelings of our heart, our needs, and our desires with Him. Prayer changes things!

We believe it is important to pray for one another, so feel free to share your prayer needs, and let others know you are praying for them.

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Hicks Family

One of the girls at our church is fighting for her life. She is only 16 and suffered from a ruptured aneurysm last week.

While our church prays for her daily here in Staten Island, we ask all those who believe and have faith, to join us in pleading for her recovery and for her families strength through this.

Berline is an active young person for God. We not only want her back fully recovered, we NEED her back to continue spreading the love of God and gospel of Jesus.

We're encouraged by a song she has sung at church before "into the sea" by Tasha Layton. "It's gonna be okay, I'm gonna be okay". We pray those words whisper at this moment in her heart and mind.

Received: May 17, 2023

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