Let us pray for one another.

Prayer is talking to God. It is the way that God has given us to share the deepest feelings of our heart, our needs, and our desires with Him. Prayer changes things!

We believe it is important to pray for one another, so feel free to share your prayer needs, and let others know you are praying for them.

I prayed for this

Prayed for 4 times.


Prayer please

Sending this global. I'm daily "arrested"/bound in the spirit to make my life hard/difficult.

Protection,peace, joy, strength, resistance, resilience, self control, Christ nature.Release & healing from satanic operations, programs, courses, phases/modules that I am subject to daily by Margaret C & Bill F -control freaks in occult who place spells/curses, form soul ties with people to control/influence/ play god, & invoke demonic entities, also empowering/deceiving others through telepathic/mind control to call upon entities as they channel them through people.

The more I cry out the more they do it to control the people I'm around, so I am not received/listened to/prayed for.

Almighty God arise in my midst/life & scatter these vile people who stalk/surveil & even control the police, military, cia, fbi, secret service, nsa, president etc.

Release & restoration of my soul that they bound such that I am unable to even pray effectively. They are hastening the end times troubles upon us as they are now empowered by the harlot, & jezebel in MC. Idolators in witchcraft, freemasonry, kkk, etc. are deceived to invoking various gods, norse, egyptian, greek/roman, hindu etc & that is bringing trouble to all of mankind, as these gods want to have first pick & rule over man/control the affairs of mankind, feeding off our souls, & casting us off like the bones of chicken/meat after people are done with their meal, whereas God is our King/Lover of our souls.

Received: May 16, 2023

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