Brenda’s Midday Motivation: When You Stress Out Do This!

When life happens and you hit an obstacle, do you stress out? I have to be honest and say I DO!  I am getting better at it though, I am trying, however, Lord knows I need HIM!! I struggle with anxiety sometimes so I can feel my body go into a panic sometimes, depending on the circumstance. 

But, I feel lately like I am in a season of remembering.  Remembering the good that God has done in my life. Remembering the times when I was struggling and God showed up and loved on me, wether it be subtley or in a HUGE way.  Either way, they are always powerful and loving ways God reminds me He is in control and that He hears me.   It doesn’t always fully take away my pain or whatever emotion I am in, but God does give me hope, and a reassurance that I will be ok, because HE IS WITH ME.  Faith kicks in and takes over.  I have been trying to write more in my Grateful Journal to help me remember better! 

I also found this devo from the GOSPEL DAILY  and wanted to share it with you in hopes to motivate you to remember our God is FAITHFUL!!!!

The God Who Provides

You don’t have to be a Christian for long before you see how incredibly faithful God is to us! However, it also seems like it doesn’t take long for us to forget the many ways He is faithful to us. It seems with each difficulty or need that arises panic sets in. We worry about where the money will come from, or how we can possibly get through each trial. God comes through in the end, but we can fall into a cycle, forgetting each time and letting worry and fear get the better of us. God shows His faithfulness even in this because He doesn’t abandon us in our time of need. We need to remember God has something better and more important for us—His peace! The next time a need arises, try to remember the faithfulness of God. Be confident in the knowledge that He will come through for you. – Commentary by: Traci Elliott

Today’s Prayer

Heavenly Father, Thank You for your never ending faithfulness even when we are not faithful to You! Help us to rest in your peace always, keeping your faithfulness at the forefront of our minds. Amen.

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