Join Devin on Facebook For A 10-Day Journey To Thankfulness

Nothing turns us into bitter and unhappy people more quickly than an ungrateful heart. That’s why I am excited to be taking us on a 10-day journey towards thankfulness as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving.  


The Club That No One Really Wants To Be In

When you make a decision to follow Jesus, the line between being a “good human” and being a people pleaser becomes a little harder to differentiate.


This Is What’s Really Happening When God Allows Trials In Your Life

God will allow five things to go wrong in your life so that perhaps one great thing can come to fruition, according to His plan. He is always present, guiding you through His Spirit, but our eyes are so often fixated on all the messy wrongs surrounding us that we often lose sight of His sovereignty in the minor details of our life.


Phil Wickham’s Hymn of Heaven Devotional Series: “It’s Always Been You” [Day 4]

One of the hallmarks of God’s character is His faithfulness to us. It doesn’t matter who we are, what mistakes we’ve made, or what appalling things we’ve done – He’s always ready to welcome us back into His arms and forgive us.


Phil Wickham’s Hymn of Heaven Devotional Series: “House of the Lord” [Day 3]

One of the most unique aspects of having faith in Jesus is the joy that it brings. Other religions might use fear, shame, or manipulation to maintain compliance, but the freedom that we have in Jesus brings joy and peace beyond understanding – regardless of our circumstances.


Phil Wickham’s Hymn of Heaven Devotional Series: “Hymn of Heaven” [Day 2]

What a beautiful thing it is that we who follow Jesus have so much in common on such a deep level. We cry out to the same Savior, pray to the same Father. We are citizens of the same kingdom, belonging to the same family. And we all share the same hope of a future in heaven.


Phil Wickham’s Hymn of Heaven Devotional Series: “Battle Belongs” [Day 1]

We’ve partnered with Phil Wickham for this 12-part devotional series in celebration of Phil’s new album, Hymn of Heaven. Each daily reading corresponds with a song on the album!

African husband holding biracial wife hands with care and love

Here’s What To Do If You Want To Be A Better Person

It’s happened to all of us. Someone did us wrong!

When somebody wrongs us, either by accident or on purpose, it can be extremely hard to get over it. In fact, we may never be able to reconcile with the wrongdoer. That said, forgiveness is essential and it gives us a chance to heal and become a better person. Don’t get me wrong. Forgiving doesn’t mean that you’re excusing what someone or a collection of people did. It especially doesn’t mean that you can’t still have feelings about what happened.

Dark blue ocean surface seen from underwater

I’ve Always Been A Little Bit Afraid Of This One Thing

The spiritual parallels between the this and our life with God are endless. It’s the clearest picture of His mercy and grace washing the guilt and shame away completely.

girl sitting alone in a dark room

The Best Things To Do When You’re In A Spiritual Dry Spell

Dry spells are moments when we doubt God’s presence in our lives. We may cognitively know that God is always near, but we struggle to truly feel His presence.