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As our fiscal year draws to a close on June 30, we would like to share a review of recent trends. Revenue streams continue to be diversified, with a hybrid model of support from individual donors and the business community.

Within this hybrid, the majority of our operating funds are attributed to individual partners who support the ministry with one-time gifts, monthly pledges, or a combination of both. We have also received financial support through IRA contributions, stock gifts, donor-advised funds, and corporate matching funds. We are pleased to report an uptick in listeners who joined the STAR giving team with many making their first gift during an on-air share.

The balance of STAR 99.1 revenue is generated from advertising and sponsorship revenue.

Total Income - June 2023 (1)
Sources of Income - June 2023 (1)


It’s humbling when listeners share how STAR 99.1 has made a difference in their lives. There’s no doubt that the Lord uses this ministry to intentionally reach people where they are – whether through the uplifting songs, through words spoken by our on-air team, or through shared prayer. With modalities such as digital media, live streaming and the STAR 99.1 app, our reach is more expansive than ever.

Listeners in the STAR community have shared their stories with us, and as you might imagine, the needs are many. Whether dealing with a crisis of faith, a health challenge, discouragement, feeling disconnected, or yearning for truth and inspiration, their testimonies illustrate how the Lord uses this ministry to help the hurting, to encourage and uplift, and to remind listeners that He is our ultimate hope, and in Him we find strength, direction, peace and joy.

Permit us to share a few STAR stories below:


Crisis of Faith

It's really important to me that this station remain on the air spreading the Good News of Christ resurrected. God worked through this station 13 years ago to bring me back to Christ in my darkest time. When I hear the stories of others like me, it impresses more and more upon my soul that your work is so critically important … Keep up the good work. God bless all of you today and always.

- A Friend from Mountainside, NJ


With everything going on in this world and in our daily lives God works through the music to remind us to focus on him and trust in him always!

- Joseph, Hazlet, NJ


When I'm feeling disconnected from God, STAR touches my heart and reconnects me with God's love.

-  A Friend from Jamesburg, NJ   

Health Challenge

I have been an avid listener for over 10 years with STAR 99.1 being the only station I tune to. There have been many times that I would turn on the radio and the perfect song reaches out to my soul. I completed 44 sessions of Proton radiation treatments … on my first session I sat in the waiting area and STAR 99.1 was on the radio! It confirmed my belief that God was with me and would use STAR 99.1 to strengthen and encourage me …

- Michael, Trenton, NJ 

Searching for Truth

STAR 99.1 has always been my go to place in my pursuit for truth. I find the song choice and lyrics always speak directly to my situations and heart, revealing God's promises.

- Marsfred, South Plainfield, NJ

Looking for Inspiration

I am struggling right now, but listen to you every day, and you all uplift me!

- Cheryl, Edison, NJ   



Established in 1931, STAR 99.1/WAWZ is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with a long-standing history in the Tri-State Area. Throughout the years, our team has remained committed to sharing the transformational message of peace, comfort, joy and strength found in a personal relationship with Jesus.

Your partnership makes what we do possible! Together, we are making a meaningful difference in lives of our friends, family and neighbors.

As this fiscal year nears to a close, we are projecting a combined shortfall of 15 percent when looking at sales and donor support. I am coming to you today, as one of our most generous partners, to ask if you might prayerfully consider your best gift to help close the gap?

If you have any questions, please let me know. Again, thank you for your partnership!

I pray the Lord bless you and your family.

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STAR 99.1/WAWZ is a service of Pillar Ministries, a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax-deductible.
STAR 99.1 gratefully accepts gifts by will or bequest.