VIDEO: Little Boy Gives Up New Sneakers to Shoeless Boy Playing Basketball

I think sometimes as we get older, we lose the ability to see things for what they are. We’re not always super observant to what’s going on around us. Kids, though, their eyes are open. They pick up on things so easily, they see what’s going on, and they have hearts that want to help. If I was driving down the street and looked out the car window and saw a little boy playing basketball with no shoes on, I don’t know that it would even register to me.

Ethan noticed, though, when he saw a boy about his age playing basketball outside their apartment building in New York City. He asked him why he was barefoot, and the boy explained that he and his family had just come to the city from the Domincan Republic, and that’s all he’s ever known. That’s how he’s always played basketball. Ethan’s dad, Eman, said Ethan said, “No, no, no!” And he ran inside to their apartment, got a pair of new sneakers that had been given to him and some fresh socks, and he ran back downstairs and gave them to this little boy, who was SO excited! He began dancing around and immediately ran upstairs to show his mom. It was something a ton of people probably walked right by and didn’t even see, but Ethan saw and he knew he had the solution in his room, and he was willing to give up a gift he’d been given so that this other little boy would know what it was like to be able to have a nice pair of shoes to up his game. 

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