Why Our Hearts Aren’t As Good As We Think They Are

I’m learning a great exercise in humility is seeing myself exclusively as the villain…the one with the evil, prideful heart. One reason this exercise proves to be so effective is that it’s true, and it keeps me coming back to Calvary.

Dad with baby

The Unforgettable Beauty of Being the Involved Dad

Parenting gets a bad rap in pop culture. But the garden I was given to keep—a little boy and a baby girl and a woman—was beautiful.

My job? Helping them thrive and grow and bloom.


A Modest Proposal for You

Q: What do The Beatles, my parents, and the ’94 Lakers have in common? A: They couldn’t stay together. They all broke up. They just couldn’t make it work. This is not abnormal. This is the natural state of things. Shaq and Kobe could’ve dominated for a decade, but they couldn’t stand each other anymore….