Rise Above It

Did you ever hear of how an Eagle faces the storms?  It waits for the storm to hit and it catches the wind under its wings and soars above it.  How do you face the storms in your life?  Do you ever wish you could rise above them?  You can! 

I was reading a devo from Christine Caine the other day and she reminds us that we can rise above our storms if we catch the wind of the Holy Spirit and soar and glide on its power.  That power was freely given to us when we made Jesus Lord of our lives. I know sometimes it is hard to comprehend that.  That is when our faith and trust in God comes in, where we trust that He will carry us above the storms in our lives.  I am not saying it is easy, especially when the storms are painful, but our God promises us VICTORY, PROTECTION, LOVE, and GUIDANCE. I am going through a storm in my personal life right now, and I am telling you , I can not make it thorugh without the love and promises and guidance of Jesus!!  He promises He won’t fail you or abandon you.. He will never leave you, especially in the midst of a storm.  “His strenght is unwavering, and He desires to give you everything you need to live out His purpose for your life!”  Just whisper “God, I don’t know how to do this, but you do. I can’t do this, but you can, so let’s do this together… Holy Spirit help me to RISE ABOVE THE STORM!”


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