“Love Your Wife Like Jesus” – OK, But How?

Everything is different for me since I got married last week!   I am learning how to love my husband like I never thought I had to.  Moving in together for the first time, we are learning each other.  He is an amazing man, and I have to remember that He is first a Child of God.  We are in a marriage series at church and our leader said something the other day that struck me… he said “God uses your marriage to refine each other.”  In just a few days I am totally seeing that!!!  In order for me to be a good wife, I have to ask God to show me what I need to change about me to make our marriage strong, and so does my husband.  Ladies, I found this devotional to be so powerful… go ahead and click here! 

Husbands, I read and shared this today with my husband and I want to share with you too!  I hope it encourages you!!  It is powerful! 

“My pastor read to us, “Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church” (Ephesians 5:25). Then he asked us the obvious question (the question we husbands so often fail to ask in the daily grind of work and family life): How does Jesus love the church?” .. CLICK HERE FOR MORE


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