Kansas veteran’s one Christmas wish: to receive letters

69-year-old Frank Gestl has a simple Christmas wish: for people to mail him letters. Frank’s a retired police officer and veteran, and because of his mobility issues, he doesn’t get out much. He lives a simple life with his dog, Daisy, in a small apartment in Topeka, KS, but wishes he had people to talk to. The mail doesn’t deliver letters like it used to, his children are all grown and he doesn’t get to visit them, so he’s lonely. But he doesn’t have to be, Star family! Frank gave out his address and if anyone wishes to write to him, he would love it. He’ll even write you back! “I would read each and every one of them and I’d answer every one of them because I don’t do anything else. I can still write and if they give me a number, I’d call them,” Frank said. 

Let’s remind Frank that he’s never alone and that Jesus loves him.

Write to Frank:

Frank Gestl
3404 SW 29th Terrace
Apartment 2
Topeka, KS 66614

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