ROTATOR Star 99 ChrisWish Granting 2022

Christmas wish

Once again this holiday season, we are partnering with your friends Mike & Brian over at Fellowship to bring Christmas Wish to our community and to be the hands and feet of Jesus for His people.

Christmas Wish is here to bless local families who need a miracle this holiday season. For some, this may mean a new washer/dryer, or a repair they cannot afford, and for others, it may be groceries just to get through the season, or a bill the needs to get paid, or the money to reunite with loved ones who’ve been apart for too long.

These Listeners had their wishes granted!

The Martin family had a dream of visiting the tree at the Rockefeller Center after a health diagnosis:

Alex's Christmas wish was to go back to Romania to see her family:

Christmas Wish on STAR 99.1 is gifted by your friends Mike & Brian over at FELLOWSHIP.

If you or someone you know could use some help this season...share your Christmas Wish with us below: 

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