12 Days of Christmas.. Rewritten to GIVE BACK!

What if we were to rewrite the 12 days of Christmas with a modern “give back feel”?  I LOVE this!  I found it on Light Workers.. I challenge you!

12 Days of Christmas Reimagined In case you did not know, the twelve days of Christmas actually starts on December 25th and goes through January 6th, the Epiphany. What if we were to rewrite The Twelve Days of Christmas? This time, instead of giving gifts that one does not really need, how about gifts of gratitude and support?

DAY ONE, handwrite a note of gratitude to someone meaningful in your life. Deliver it to them in person and read it out loud.

DAY TWO, handwrite two notes of apology to people you want to make amends with. Have them delivered with flowers.

DAY THREE, help three people try something new. It can be the same thing.

DAY FOUR, call four people you have not spoken with for a long time. Speak with each of them for fifteen minutes and really listen. 

DAY FIVE, choose five friends and donate five dollars to their favorite non-profit.

DAY SIX, spend an hour doing a loving-kindness meditation for those you love and those you do not.

DAY SEVEN, leave well-thought-out compliments for seven people on social media.

DAY EIGHT, spend eight hours volunteering for a local cause that you care about. 

DAY NINE, give a ninety-minute massage to someone.

DAY TEN, do ten meaningful random acts of kindness. Paying for someone’s coffee. Feeding a parking meter. Helping to put groceries into a car.

DAY ELEVEN, give eleven calming candles to people who are the bright lights in your life.

DAY TWELVE, have an appreciation dinner for twelve people.


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